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Piping Works

BESTEC can execute onboard pipe modification works, new piping systems, pipe repairs, pipe fabrication and pipe installation based on given drawings, on-site measurements and inspection samples. We have the potential to accomplish wide range of piping and Ship repair works in Shipyards, Anchorages and On-voyage. Solutions from our company aim to return pipes back to their original working condition in as little time as possible with minimum downtime.

At Bestec, we have a team of experts who can easily handle your pipe fitting requirements including process piping, BWMS (Ballast Water Management System) or BWTS (Ballast Water Treatment System), utility, fire, sewerage systems, steel, stainless steel, duplex, copper nickel, teflon, cast iron, lined pipe, glass, plastic, clay tile and fiberglass FRP, GRE, piping of all sizes fabrication and installation works and all marine systems.

We carry out the following services to our valued customers.

  • EGCS Scrubber overboard pipe repair, renewal works using SUPER DUPLEX PIPE, SMO 254.
  • Carbon steel overboard pipe renewal works using cofferdam by divers.
  • All kind of pipe modification and pipe repair works for ship system.
  • Installation of new pipe line.
  • Flow meter installation works complete with cabling and termination.
  • Heating coil repair works.
  • Copper nickel pipe fabrication and installation.
  • Stainless steel pipe fabrication and installation.
  • Pipe fabrication for the refineries and electro chlorination skids.
  • Low temperature pipe fabrication and installation for LPG carrier.
  • Exhaust gas bellow and pipe renewal works.
  • Manifold reducer spool fabrication.
  • Sampling flange fabrication.
  • Hydraulic pipes fabrication and installation.
  • SDP Bobbin repair, machining works for LNG carrier.
  • SDP fabrication with class certificate with necessary surface roughness requirements.
  • Hydraulic tube renewal works.
  • Rubber lining, poly ethylene coating for the fabricated pipe spools.
  • GRE Pipe renewal works for scrubber and other system.
  • PV Valve, Butter flay valve, Gate valve overhauling and pressure testing.