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Vessel Chartering Services

BESTEC has a dynamic association with companies that own a fleet of young vessels, which are always ready to serve the needs of its clients. We are therefore providing chartering services to various industries including oil and gas-related works, marine infrastructure, dredging, land reclamation, marine construction works and cargo transportation.

Crane barge with tug boat

  • We have a wide selection of Crane Barges to help you with barges lifting capacity ranges from 150 Ton to 400 Ton.
  • We have private jetty for the loading of equipment and machineries and other cargoes at the shore and transport to vessel at anchorage.
  • Similarly off land items from vessel can be unloaded at our private jetty. We can handle complete logistic part for the bigger size cargo.
  • We charter these Crane Barges in a multitude of activities from general lifting in support of marine construction work, ship repair works.
  • Ad-hoc sea logistics for the delivery of machinery and equipment to and from vessels at anchor and islands.

Flat top barge with tug boat

  • We have a selection of Material Barges to help you with your Barge Charter. Our material barges length ranges from 120 ft to 180 ft to cater to your needs, and even if you require a more customised solutions.
  • Our barges are mostly used to carry cargo in support of marine projects or to deliver cargo to awaiting vessels.
  • They can also be used as sea-borne work platforms for certain kinds of work such as anchor renewal and installation works, anchor chain works that are carried out in support of ocean-going vessels. 

Rental services - generator, boom lift, compressor and wilden pump

  • Containerised Marine Generators from 400kVA to 1250kVA or more with parallel set-up for rental to ocean going vessels.
  • Available Output Power Ratings are from 32amp to 400amp.
  • External Fuel tanks are available in sizes ranging from 1000L to 1,00,000L.
  • Supply of boom lift / cherry picker, compressor, wilden pump, air gun, hoses for cargo hold cleaning works in rental basis.
  • Generators for all conditions and industrial applications.
  • Professional equipment in excellent state.
  • Cost-efficient : custom rental and lowest possible energy cost.
  • Approach 24/7 service.