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Ship Repairs Works Hull

Bestec Provides high value-added ship repair and conversion services for all type of Vessels with an efficient team of experienced and competent ship repair Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Skilled Fitters and Certified Welders, we have the capability to carry out the wide range of ship repair works in Shipyards, Anchorages and On-voyage.

We have a special team to carry out repair jobs at IPL and OPL to satisfy the customers by minimising the down time, excellent workmanship, constant safety track record, proper communication. We have a track record for effectively organizing and mobilizing full logistics, manpower and equipment within a short time frame for offshore related projects. We can assure you that repairs will be carried out to the best quality achievable at a shortest duration possible.

We carry out the following services to our valued customers.

  • Ship Repair and Conversion works in berth.
  • Anchorage and Afloat and On Voyage Ship Repair works.
  • Contact Damage and Collision Repairs - Side shell plate, bow, bulwark renewal works.
  • Crane, Hatch cover and Cell Guide Repairs.
  • Anchor chain repair and renewal works and stud renewal works using Flat Top Barge.
  • Sea Fastening works.
  • Aluminium gangway and accommodation ladder repair works.
  • Scaffolding and Staging works.
  • Trencher and Plough Modification works.
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Protection Frame.

Ship repair works

  • Installation of Mooring fitting (Bollards, Chocks) with underdeck carlings and stiffener.
  • Container Socket renewal.
  • Steel renewal works.
  • Low temperature plate renewal works for LPG tankers.
  • Lashing bridge renewal works.
  • Crack repair works.
  • Single point mooring (SPM) modification works.
  • Corrugated bulkhead renewal works.
  • Crane jib damage insert plate renewal works.
  • Walk way platform grating renewal works.
  • Stern tube seal renewal works.
  • Life boat davit repair works.