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Tank cleaning and Painting works

BESTEC have a team of specialized workforce, cleaning and ventilation equipment, pumps for urgent mobilisation. We have excellent track records and experience in this field and has successfully completed many tank cleaning projects with remarkable results. Workers enter the tanks and manually scrape and de-sludge the tanks with hoses, pressure washers and other scrubbing mechanism.

Tank cleaning, Demucking and Cargo hold cleaning works

  • Cargo tank cleaning for dry docking and repair works.
  • De-slopping.
  • Fuel oil tank cleaning for steel and crack repair works.
  • Large-scale tank cleaning including scaffolding and crane barge.
  • Disposal of sludge and oily water.
  • Cargo holds cleaning for the bulk carriers.
  • General cleaning for the accommodation.
  • Oil spill cleaning.
  • Cargo holds cleaning to food grade level.
  • Dry cleaning with air to remove the cement in the cargo hold.
  • High pressure washing of the cargo hold.
  • Provision of rental equipment such as boom lift, compressor, wilden pump, air gun and hoses for cargo hold cleaning.

Painting Works

  • Hydro blasting, Hydro jetting.
  • Ship name painting works using scaffolding
  • Ship name painting works using IRATA qualified rope access technicians.
  • Supply of stencils.
  • Draft line painting.
  • Chipping and power tooling and painting.
  • Special glass flake coating for the overboard pipes and other structures.
  • As kind of painting works as per client requirement.
  • External hull cleaning and painting.
  • Blasting and painting for the fabricated structures, pipe spools.
  • Rubber lining and poly ethylene (PE) coating.
  • Fabrication of stencil.